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Yang Safia On Saturday, May 22, 2010
Last friday I was given a chance to be a part of a panel of international students to talk to the Otago Uni staff. It was a function where the Otago International Office briefs the University's staff about dealing with International students. Basically, I let them study me. It was really cool because I was the only first year student there, others are like postgraduates or almost graduating.

I learned that the postgraduate students have it harder than us, seeing that there is less support for these mature students and how they have to face the culture shock all alone. It made me feel...a LOT better. Okay, that was mean but at least I get to listen to all of these different perspective in living in Dunedin.

One of the staff asked what I hate about Dunedin and I said, drinking. It was too much and especially coming from an environment where people do not drink; it was hard to accept at first. And then they asked what I love about Dunedin and I said, the service! As much as I love Malaysia and all, I just love the customer service here. They just totally pwn-ed us in that area. And this results in the staff laughing.

And then they asked this Saudi guy why Arab women need to have a man to speak for them. And it was really great of the Kiwis to want to know how to treat a Muslim woman (esp. the Arab kind) and after the Saudi guy answered the first question, I sort of stepped in and tell from my own perspective, seeing I'm a Muslim. LA-DI-DA and the after the whole thing was over, Debbie (one of the International Office people) treated the whole panel for coffee.

It was at this really fancy wooden house place on campus that I've always wondered what it is and it turned out to be a cafe where all the lecturers eat. FANCY! So I got myself a free Mocha and we all talked about cultures some more. During this time, I was a bit tired from waking up really early and not having eaten anything all morning so I just sneaked a few photos before listening to what the others have to say.

Seriously, I hate taking pictures for this blog. Like this one for example. I feel...weird and awkward. I mean, how do you bloggers shamelessly snap away like it's nothing? Don't you think people will feel offended if you just take their pictures? I THINK that the only way you can get away by taking pictures is by having a fancy camera. Like one of those DSLRs or something.

God, I feel like such a noob with my camera phone. LOL

Have a nice day children. Play nice. :)