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Yang Safia On Monday, March 26, 2012

I just finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender series and IT.WAS.AMAZING! Oh my goodness, I can't believe a Nickelodeon show could be this...epic. True enough I cried, laughed and got angry while watching the series! It has everything for everyone which is amazing! At first the show started off very kiddy for me but I stuck through. That's because I started to realize such important themes such as world peace, politics, media and "racism" are very much prevalent in the show. Obviously it is delivered in its simplest forms...perfect for children. Despite the initial kiddiness I felt in the beginning, the series progressed into something quite mature. I guess to show how the characters mature as their journey went on.

I never knew I could connect with the characters so much.

ZUKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirl scream*


I was like literally pulling my hair out of sheer excitement+frustration+sadness when the series ended. Thank God because the series' sequel, Legend of Korra is out. In fact the second episode is out today!!! (Just watched it and it was AWESUMMMM!) Man watching the new series is really bittersweet for me because the old cast are all dead except Katara because it is set 70 years after the first series. It's really fun to see how the old cast's offpsrings turn out. Like how Aang and Katara got married and they have three children. And turns out that their granddaughter is now the Avatar. 

Check out the awesome trailer for the new series. I love how it's so badass now. This time you can really feel the series has taken quite a serious tone as the new cast are all teenagers and much older compared to Aang and his friends. I love how Korra is so badass. So unlike Aang and yet very much like him. :D 


Spoiler Alert: I feel like Mako could be related to Zuko. I mean it's so obvious. Not just the name but even their face! And he's a firebender. 


To top off this geek out session, check out Legend of Korra's trailer. 

I'm 21.

I promise.