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Yang Safia On Friday, September 9, 2011
It was such a beautiful daaaaaay todaaaaaaay!!! This picture above was taken by me at Octagon, as I made my way to the annual 24 hour book sale here in Dunedin. Lucky enough, this year's sale fell on the same day as the start of 2011's Rugby World Cup. New Zealand is pretty much synonym with the All Blacks, their pride and joy, so everyone's gathered for the opening tonight (well NOW, as I'm writing this post). The place just had a good vice since people of all ages just gathered to join in the excitement.

I took this picture of the kinder kids because I overheard the excited teacher explaining the importance of rugby to the kids. Seemed like the teacher used the field trip excuse just to join in with the fun (or trying to nab some last minute tickets). :P

This is the Regent theatre where the book sale is always held. Too bad it falls on the same day as the Rugby cup because not many people (according to Natasya) showed up.

This is my first time going to a book sale so I was pretty much pumped. Apparently in previous years, the books were placed not just on the stage but around the vicinity. It was a pretty low key book sale lah.

But that doesnt stop from people bringing huge bags and grab all of the books. I saw a really really really old lady dragging a huge bag of books. The bag is even bigger than her!

Books! Books! Books!!

I didnt grab anything because I already have something specific in mind but I didnt find it. I'm looking for a copy of Nobakov's Lolita.

I got a bit lightheaded from the books and people so this is taken when I was just resting at once of the red seats in front of the stage.

Much later after the book sale, I was hanging out with Secret Club at Meridian Mall when we were lucky enough to catch a flash Haka that's been taking NZ lately. IT WAS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! I LOVE HAKA!! I LOVE FLASH MOBS!!! HAKAAAAAAA!!!

For a girl, you just go weak in the knees from watching the Haka. I personally believe (what the heck, all of the female population in NZ think the same too!) that Haka is freaking sexy. It's just hot. Besides, it's amazing how much respect people have for Haka here. People can do haka and the traffic will stop. Dont believe me, youtube it. It's everywhere!!

My personal favourite flash haka! <3