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Yang Safia On Thursday, March 11, 2010
I had a quite fabulous time yesterday. Seeing that I only have one lecture and no tutorials, I anxiously waited for the SPM news from Malaysia. But due to the time difference, I had to go and help with the BBQ prep for this Saturday's event. Before that, Naomi invited me to her flat to see whether I am interested in flatting with her next year. Omona, it's too good to be true la. The place is fab. And it's near to campus and she has a car. Hehe.

Right after that, we both went to pick up Syahira, Adeline and Sean to go to PaknSave to buy things for the BBQ.

Then we had to drive around to pick up things from various places like pots and pans and Naomi sent the three home before bringing me to Rainforest for dinner.

Lamb curry with rice. Overpriced but the most decent food I've ever had since coming here.

Roti canai, Teh Tarik and Rojak were on the house.

Right after dinner, seeing that we were both late for rehersals; we rushed to Club and Socs to find everybody there. And it was really cold yesterday. I had to wear my jacket and all.



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Right away after practice, it was already quite late and we were all tired. It was then Adeline suggested we all go and get some bubble tea before going home. And we DID! I have to admit though, the bubble tea place at Sunway is UNBEATABLE!!!

So yeah, that's what happened. CONGRATULATIONS TO AYA FOR GETTING 10A's in SPM! You totally deserve it. :)

And so I bought a little present for my sisters la. I'm saving up money to buy my family and friends' prezzies. Right now, all those that are left are Abah, Adam and Mama. :) I still couldn't find a good one.