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Yang Safia On Monday, March 1, 2010
I am so proud that I'm actively blogging despite being in a new environment. I'm so proud of myself! :p

So how did my first day of classes went...I woke up nervous, for one I did not hear my alarm at all and I was quite frantic. Luckily it was only 7.15am at the time. Phew. Showered and had my breakfast. I looked at my watch and it was only 8.30am. Paced in my room, waiting for it to be 9am. I'm meeting Sim, my RA and we decided to go to class together.

My first class was at Archway 1 and it only took me a couple minutes to find where it is. Arrived. Looked at my watch again and discovered I was 40minutes early. Stood outside the lecture hall and luckily made myself a friend. Her name is Imogene. I love that name and apparently she LOVES literature. That's cool considering that she was named after one of Shakespeare's characters.

And so my lecture started promptly at 10am and it was a full house; well considering that it is a small lecture hall. It's certainly no St. David's but nevertheless, it was full. For the first few weeks, my Professor revealed that we are doing Chaucer's Tales of Canterbury. And then she started yapping in some unknown language.

I am SERIOUS. Just go here. If you understand that, I applaud you. Honestly I was a bit overwhelmed from all of this but seeing it was my first time, I should let it settle and let myself be familiarize with it. My next lecture was at 1pm and it was alright. I was kind of sleepy though and it's still a full house. This time more than my first lecture. The paper is Effective Communication and apparently our aim is to be like Obama, JK Rowling, Oprah and Ellen De Generes.

Verrrrrry interesting indeed.

Usually lectures lasted about 50minutes so basically I had 2 hours worth of class today! YAY~! Before I went home, I decided to visit the OUSA (Otago student body) building where they are putting up a lot of stalls selling vintage stuff. They had this one rack full of dresses and all of them cost $5 each. I bought a leather handbag for Shira's birthday so it's pretty cool. The next thing I did was to drop my volunteer letter at the Critic (Otago Uni's magazine) and now I'm writing a book review for the mag!! It's due in 2 weeks so yeah...wish me luck. Hopefully it'll get published. (^__^)

Then I finally made my way back home and I vacuumed the whole place (since it's my turn this week), cook lunch and did my laundry. I wanted to sleep but I guess I was too pumped up about studying Chaucer so I spent the whole evening practicing my middle age English pronunciation. Then at 7pm, I went for the 3Abdul auditions to audition for the part narrator. I was up with another girl and the director was being pretty demanding on how she wanted it (don't blame her though) but at the end, I GOT THE PART!!!! YEAH~!!

Then I had to walk back home all alone at night. And it was raining!

So now, I'm contemplating whether I should eat or not because I'm soooooooooo hungry. But it's late. Should I?



ppb3k said...

Good Start! May you have many many more beautifyl days ahead. Salam Abah