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Yang Safia On Saturday, February 27, 2010
Today was a relatively fun and interesting day. I started my day by going to campus just to get to know the place. My good friend Syera suggested the idea that if I want to meet new people, I should walk around carrying a map. She said that's how she got her friends in America and I decided to give it a shot. Let's just worked. I met a wonderful fashion student named Eli and she offered to show me around. Interestingly enough, she's a Malaysian! Well not really seeing that she was born and raised here. (^__^)

One of the things that I find really odd about Dunedin is that there are messages on it's roads. It's like EVERYWHERE! And so I decided to snap some chalk ads and messages that I encountered today. Honestly though, I could have found more but that Murphy's Law to you.

I walked around George Street to window shop and I sooooo love the clothes here. They fit me well and I can just get it off the rack! Don't worry though, I'm being super stingy with my money here even though those cardies were soooo cute. :(

Famished from walking around town, I decided to head back to Toroa and cook myself some lunch! Then that afternoon I decided to join Toroa's trip to Baldwin Street. I figured it would be interesting and I would be able to snap some pictures and post it on the blog.

I thought it would be a good exercise to climb up the street and I did. Boy was it hard but I managed at the end! Haha so proud of myself. Mind you, it was quite hard to get down too.

View from the top:

Done with Baldwin Street, we took our time to get back to Toroa. We stopped at shops and window shopped. It was a very long walk. It took us thirty minutes just to get here. SO basically it was an hour worth of walk! Basically from now on, my only means of transport are just my legs. No more Myvi baby~

Nectarines, yum!

Um...yeah. I can explain the last picture.Actually the one in the picture was only half it's size. BUT it only costs $1.80 and it tasted sooooooooo good.

Besides, I did very well. I exercised. I needed a pick-me-up. I TOTALLY deserved it.