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Yang Safia On Sunday, February 14, 2010
Oh I feel so loved! Syera Zainal decided to throw me a farewell picnic and invited some of my closest friends to celebrate. Unfortunately, Hawa whose flying to Japan couldnt make it due to celebrating CNY with her family in Singapore so I became the main attention la! HAHAHAH~!

I love you guys. :)

Syera and I. I hate her how she makes me look so fat!

Diva, Me and Aysha

Major loves. Maybe except for Diva

Epol. Pudding-making pilot! LOL

Aniyah and Me

Epic fail la. I cant do Diva's brooding eye technique

They have to take pic when I'm busy eating!

Cupcakes made by Aysha. Sedap! And other foods

They made toasts and Shaza's one was the most heartfelt because she cried (>_<) and Shira's one was funny yet very embarassing for me. I was the one who taught her about sex?! O__O

Oh dear.


_aysha_ said...

i wanna re-do that picnic again!! haha.. that day was loads of fun.