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Yang Safia On Friday, February 5, 2010
Last Saturday on January 30th, my family threw a kenduri/doa selamat for me. And boy was it MAD! It was mad everything, mad crazy, mad rush and mad busy. And I had a lot of things going on on my plate. I'm telling you, Allah is not making it easy for me right now. But I know it's for the best...I mean, the kenduri turned out to be a success!

But allow me to mention one of the bad luck that had befallen on me:

1) I busted my left knee and even to this day, I still can't walk properly.
2) My modem AND laptop got fried.
3) Family drama.
4) The canopy people pecahkan tangki air while putting up the canopy thus resulting in no water for a day before the kenduri.

Aside from all of that, I have to say I really enjoyed my kenduri. It was truly memorable. And everybody I loved all came! But let me tell you what happened on the day of the was MAD fun.

Shaza and Sara (the sisters) came that afternoon to help with the preparations. The minute they arrived, my mum sent us on a mission to find 100 cupcakes. It was a very impromptu decision to have them and imagine trying to find 100 ready-made cupcakes on a busy Saturday. Nevertheless we persevered and after relentlessly driving around, we made our way to Amcorp Mall. Have I ever mentioned that I simply loved the place? Because I really really do. It's a great shopping place if you're into cheap and vintage things. You must seriously check out its flea markets on weekends. Mad stalls just popped up on that day. The minute we arrived, we simply forgot about the mission and found ourselves going through vintage accessories with crazy bargains.

I tell you, Sara was on the other end of the market while Shaza was simply nowhere to be seen. Of course I wasn't entirely innocent. I, too did get myself caught up with the things they sell. Being a bit crazy about rings at the moment, I managed to land myself with a gorgeous vintage cocktail ring. If you know me, I simply love turquoise. The stone I mean.

It's so pretty that I can't stop shoving it in people's faces, just to get the compliment it deserves. I'm so in love with it that I took artsy pictures of it:

Aya said it looked like Captain Planet's ring but I digress, it's a beautiful piece!

Sara bought like a Guess purse, two necklaces, a Coach keychain and a pair of sandals. I'm telling you, she's like a wild animal trying to quench her thirst. She told me she havent shopped seriously for 6months! LOL

Luckily I snapped out of this seductive trance and dragged the two to find the cupcakes. Luckily the seller had 100 cupcakes on hand and we bought them all. We were done under five minutes. But what made our return to Shah Alam so late?

Because we continued the shopping expedition of course!

I never told you lot about this but it has always been my dream to shop at Amcorp Mall with the sisters. I'm so happy now that I get to fulfill this wish. :))

Then we walked somemore while eating our complimentary cupcakes (buruknye la rupa, us three big girls walking around eating cupcakes) when we found THIS. It was a virginal moment for us. We never tried this before. But due to the economic slump, we might as well give it a shot.

We discovered...branded knockoff perfumes.

We literally went crazy. The seller convinced us that it was actually real only it was rejected by the companies due to little imperfections like the the bottle design and whatnot but we ALL know they're just simply bootlegs. At the end, Sara bought like two perfumes: Flora by Gucci & DKNY Be Delicious. It's amazing how they looked, feel and smell like the real thing. I ended up with Glow by Dark by J.Lo and Shaza went for Escada's Moon Sparkle. After that I bought some make up and satisfied with our loots we headed back to Shah Alam. Time: almost five pm. :p

Balik rumah, we helped until it's almost 7.30PM and the girls went back to get ready.

Basically the kenduri was super awesome and I've nvr seen my house been filled like that. If you're wondering why you didnt get my invite is because we planned it to be a small thing for people in Shah Alam only. So yeah...


***Me, Aini and Diba***

***Aini, Diba and Syera***

***Hawa,Syera, Wani, Aini, Dayah and Diba***

***Hawa, Syera and Wani***

***UiTM peeps: Hakim, Zue, Prof, Azri and Azira***

***Sara and Zue***

***My mak-mak sodare: Diba and Mai***