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Yang Safia On Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Over the course of one week, a big change will envelope my family. For me, it's finally my time to leave the bird's nest, as they say, and fly on my own. For my family, they are going to accept the fact that the clan is now down to five. But it's going to be major for my parents this year because they have to see two children leave the nest this year. I really do think I can make it this time (since that UIA episode is never going to happen ever again!) and I think I'm ready now. The picture above carries a meaning of how my parents had been there for me all this while (thus explaining the nicely tied laces) but as you can see on the left shoe, the lace is untied. This carries the meaning of how it is up to me now to tie it thus, taking the responsibility of my life and actions from now on. I've grown up. It's my time.

And so, I will now start a new chapter in my life.