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Yang Safia On Sunday, January 24, 2010
There's 3 things I'm sure that will not be at my wedding. Call me untraditional but that's what I'm aiming for anyway.

1) No flower girls but instead, bridesmaids.
2) Tacky wedding music. Like those "selamat...pengantin baaaaaaaaruuuuuu...!"
3) Kompang

Instead of kompang, I've decided a new and fun way I'm going to enter the wedding hall.

If you've been hanging out with me, you should know what I'm talking about months ago.

PS: I don't care if my parents faint out of embarrassment or my grandmother (bless her soul) cry and disown me as her granddaughter. It's my day after all. :p

I've already decided the people who are going to do this with me, aside from the groom la.

a) My sisters and brother. (Already told Adam that if the time I got married he has a gf, then the gf will be his partner, if not dance with Aya. Immediately he agreed.)
b) Sara, Shaza and Shira. Possibly with their bfs if not with the groom's guy friends.
c) My cousins, Natasha and Ryan
d) The groom's best friends and his siblings.

I should really stop talking about weddings, that's totally sending out the wrong message about me. Can't help it though when your mum starts giving opinions on what I should have my wedding like. God, everything changes when you turn 20. *smiles* And I'm not even twenty...yet.


anom said...

oh gosh safia!!! I'm not sure how that will go down with all the tok2semua.. but it looks like fun... tengok la nanti ye, jadi ke tak ?

Good luck for you upcoming trip/journey!

Yang Safia said...

wan anom, it will go downnnnnn~! i dun care wat happens, it's my day after all~!! thx!