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Yang Safia On Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm stuck. I'm at the last chapter of Mission Idol and I don't know how to end the story. I am seriously behind my update goal at and I don't want to lose any readers. The first week after I post up the second last chapter, I was relatively in a positive mindset. How hard could it be? The endings are usually the easiest ones. Boy was I wrong!

It's been almost three weeks now and I'm still at point zero. Okay, I DID write something but I scrapped it because well, it doesn't have a good feel to it you know? Right now, I'm seriously doubting on getting MI published because I'm not confident with it. Well I AM but you know, it's not perfect. And it's awfully cliche in my opinion and I think I'm worth so much more. But the main thing right now is to get my name out. And I need to publish it. It's sooo hard because the scope for this kind of genre in Malaysia is very limited and so far, I've got rejected by two publishers. One said my work is juvenile (what do you expect it's a teen novel!) and one wanted me to write in Malay.

Ahhh fuck.

But I HAVE TO DO IT! Just like my boy Nickhun said, "Don't think too much. Just do it!"

SO yesterday I went to do errands with my mum. I woke up around 9AM, got kicked out of bed (exaggeration right here :p) and been driving the whole day. The only time I get to sit on my bum was around 9PM...? Yeah, around that time. Ughhh....I'm so tired. In a way I can't wait to get out of the house and just live my life but at the same time, I just want to savour the time I have left with my family.

And besides, I'm deathly scared of what's going to come in the next three weeks. I'm finally going to be on my two feet, away from home, away from any sort of safe net that my parents have set up for me and finally, away from my comfort zone.

Okay, I'm getting a bit way off the topic so what happen was I went to Tesco with my mum to pay the bills and la di da we got a bit strayed and ended up buying this CUTE japanese cotton that I just sent to the tailor's today to have her make a baju kurung for me.

I have this one scarf that I've been eyeing the whole time but didn't actually do anything to buy it so...not really regretting it tho. I mean, I'm not even the best hijab-wearing person out there although I like to be one so why would I need more scarves ait?

Getting back to the main point of the story, I went to the toilet before we were going to leave and pick up Adam when I saw my mom got a bit caught up with this custom jewelery store. Went up to her and sat on my bum watching her try gazillions of rings and bracelets and what a girl to do but try some for herself la. Which I did at the end and I ended up with a ring that now I think looks like an engagement/wedding ring. See below:

It's not even real gold peeps but when the first time I put it on my finger, it looked really really nice. As in so nice that people around me just stopped to say that it looked nice on me. And my mum actually bought it for me. I wont tell the price here lah but I could've bought 4 of the scarves that I wanted with that amount of money.

Cheap la.

A LOT cheaper than the ring I bought in an antique shop in Melacca. Ahhh my vintage turquoise ring that burned my in my right mind that I lost you?! I know it's in my room but at the current state of it, it's practically impossible for me to find it right now. (;__;)

Btw, now the ring looked so much like a wedding ring that I'm embarrassed to even wear in public. I actually saw a lady who looked at my face and back to my ring finger incredulously in section two. She must've thought I got knocked up or something to actually get married at such a young age. Then again, I prolly look old enough to get married so the only reason she gave me that look was why a young person like me could land an amazing ring on my finger in the first place when she only has that miserable looking ring on hers. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

PS: FINISHED READING CATCHING FIRE AT 4PM TODAY!! I CANT WAIT FOR BOOK THREE! TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~! My favourite character right now is Haymitch and Cinna. Lovely Cinna. *melts into a puddle of goo*