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Yang Safia On Thursday, January 21, 2010
**Picture not mine, it's Kosmo's** :)

If you've read Kosmo today. you must've come across this picture. I just can't believe the NERVE of some people! I mean, I was rendered speechless by the sheer stupidity of this one pathetic excuse of a daughter to treat her poor mother like that!

So if you haven't read the papers today, this is the lowdown:

This one mother who lives alone in a kampung in Sarawak borrowed money from people around her just so she could see her daughter of which she hasn't seen for three years. She bought the ticket and flew to KL in hopes to find her daughter. Her only clue...Serdang. Her daughter herself told her that she and her husband live in Serdang.

Seriously, does this "animal" expect her old mother to find where she lives in FRIGGIN SERDANG?! I know you're so pissed at her for some odd reason that you want to marry some factory worker and it maybe in the past, if she wanted reconciliation; just forgive her la. Because at the end of the day, she's your mum.

What I've read in the article was that three years ago, this old woman actually went down to Serdang again to find her daughter but to no avail. It was now that she got the help of the police force in Serdang(?) [have to check on that one] that she finally finds out where her daughter lives. After this hard work, you at least expect some sort of emotional reunion or something but noooooooooo, far from that. This "animal" and her bitch of a husband denied from ever knowing her despite the old woman's pleas. She even showed them her daughter's birth certificate and this couple accused her of many things. That really pisses me off.

Then she got screamed and "caci-ed" at and with nowhere to go, she ended sleeping at the police station. Poor poor lady. My heart really goes out to her. To make matters worse, she lives alone back in her kampung and I'm pretty sure with no financial support.

What makes me mad more than dumping babies and discrimination is children who who don't appreciate their parents.

I'm not a perfect child myself and I do get you, parents can sometimes be a pain. Especially if you're married and you're torn between your wife and your mother. I know, sucks to be you if you're a man but you need to have a clear head. I'm not saying I'm like the best person ever to give this advice but running away from the problem is not the way to settle it. Sure, having to take care of your old parents put a cramp in your lifestyle or whatever but you have to think this, as stressful your life gets nothing beats the pain of childbirth. (You think so easy is it for your mother to give birth to you?!) Think it this way, have you ever thought that you put a cramp in your parents' life back in the day. Truth hurts but you sure do! There are times when your mother wants to go out and have a fun day with her gfs but she ended taking care of you, with your diapers and snot. At the end, she did it and why can't you?

I seriously hate children who changed after they get married. Like attitude-wise and they ended up treating their parents like shit. It goes to show that adults are stupid also (am I an adult? =_=) so listen well children...we're better!

So if you still have you're parents, give them a hug, If you don't, pray for them.

PS: if you feel like you're treating your mum like shit, remember this...susah oo nk mati nanti. balasan kat akhirat lagi takut! Sesungguhnya syurga itu dibawah tapak kaki ibu... :)

PSS: You know what I'm passionate about right now? The Allah Issue. But I shall keep my opinions away from this blog to avoid any sort of conflicts unless you want to know my opinion la. So email me! I will try to keep from writing any political shit coz that's just dirty.