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Yang Safia On Saturday, January 9, 2010
Ouh! I can just feel my eyes roll up into the back of my head. I am so busy doing everything. And mind you, most of the stuff that I have to do is not even related to me. Well the people are but well, you get the point.

And I still haven't packed my bag.

First off, I'm busy preparing for the performance I'm about to do at Sara's birthday party at Blue Wave Hotel this coming saturday. Yesterday, I woke up quite early for a Saturday and immediately get ready to send Adam to his fencing class and straight away go to Subang Parade ( I've decided to stay away from big malls. I'm so tired of walking. I mean, what can you expect? I'm a bum.) to do my birthday shopping with Shira. (GOD BLESS SHIRA!) I had to buy Adam's and Sara's bday prezzies while Shira had to buy for her dad and Rizq's. SO we went from MPH to W3 then to FOS then to Blook, Dorothy Perkins, that Technology place and lastly Toys R Us.

I still remember the days when my parents would bring us to Toys R Us. Now the shop in Subang Parade is very small compared to last time's. And Idk, the toys are not as exciting as back then. So technology advanced and leaves very little to the imagination. Somehow I don't think it's very good for the kids' mind developement.

Uh, what the hell am I talking about? =_=

Anyways, it's about 2pm -ish and poor Shira hasn't eaten a thing since morning so I said, why not come to my house and I'll cook for you coz we were both broke at this point. And we did only to find out that we're out of food at home. Mama thought that we ordy ate so she only bought for the rest of the sibs and before we could both die from starvation(10 points for hyperbole) she gave us money and suggested we both eat out.


We ate at Only Mee at SACC (fav hangout for us) and then went to MPH for a mo to find out whether they have Catching Fire but alas, they dont. But I found the last book for the Charlie Bone series that my sisters been obsessing about since forever and I bought la for them, coz IDK...I'm such a good sister la! LOL

Then after surprising them both, we waited for Shaza to come and when she did, we got to work immediately. Dances to BEG's Abracadabra then to SuJu's Sorry Sorry and lastly MBLAQ's Oh Yeah! Danced for about 4 hours and said my goodbyes to the gals and that night, I'm off to mesh up the songs together only when my 'rents announced that we're going to have my doa selamat on the 30th.

Then off I go calling my friends and forced them to come and confirm their attendance on the spot becoz of the catering thing la. COME IF YOU WANT TO EAT NASI ARAB WITH LAMB!!

Yep, I can just hear you guys salivate. :p

Then dat night, I skyped with Sha to talk about our plans for almost everything before I leave. And so, here's the stuff that I'm pretty sure I have to get it done in this week.

a) Send GD to the vet since his annual checkup is loooong overdue.
b)Go survey some laptops for Aya
c)Sign Aya up for English classes (I should've gone some coz I can feel my english gets sooo crappy this past 6months)
d)Settle the bank matters with ANZ
e)Find more connections in NZ
i)write the last chapter of Mission Idol.
j)write a proposal letter to MPH

BTW! Want to see the book cover I created for MI? For fun only, not even sure if it's going to get published. Teehee.

*Front Cover*

*Back Cover*

The concept is that it's like a poster of your fav idol and the doodling is just you planning on how to get to him and the hearts is obvious la, to show that you're fangirling. I really do believe girls ranging from the age of 13 to 19 can relate to this story. It's fun, simple and light!

Note: If you're wondering who the hell is Kenzo, that's uh me. This cover is actually made for my online readers but i'm not sure if I want to post it up there...