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Yang Safia On Saturday, February 6, 2010
Put my stuff into boxes and basically cleaned my room.

Okay, it's not entirely organized but you can really see the difference in the room. There's a lot less stuff scattered around it. And while rummaging through my drawers, I found this:

This is my final thesis essay for English in CIMP. Yes, I WROTE about marriage. It all thanks to Meg Cabot's novel I was reading at the time. HAHA, got A- only.

So after cleaning the room, I went to pick up my laptop from repair at SA Mall. Then after that, I sent it to get Sims 3 World Adventures installed. I SAW Divanesh and we kecoh-ed a bit and I went to Subway to lunch with Shaza and Prof. Diva hung with us quite a bit before he left with his group of gfs. LOL

Okay, 1 week left. Post on my havoc reunion with the rest of my friends prolly will be up tomorrow. :)