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Yang Safia On Friday, December 23, 2011
I was an inexperienced noob. I've never worked before in my whole life. Well I did help my dad loads of times with his business but working with your own dad hardly counts as a real job. So this summer I was dead set on getting myself a job. I had a plan to work with this company (I even send in a resume and even got myself an interview!) but plans had to change because I had some time issues. Given that I went to Egypt right after my flight back home, it sort of changed everything I had planned for summer. 

So what is my job exactly?

If you've read my previous posts, I did mention that I am a teacher. If you personally know me or been reading this blog, you would know that I'm an English major with a minor in TESOL. So for this job, I am an English teacher. What makes this job a whole lot special is that I taught students from poor and struggling families. The whole program runs for 4 days and it is basically like summer camp. Students will study Math and English, play and make new friends. I worked for a month so that means a program a week. This project falls under Lembaga Zakat Selangor and was organized by Fauzul Azmi, the company that hired me.  For the first two weeks, I taught 13&14 year olds while the last two I taught 16 year olds. 

 What a whole day of teaching does to you. I look so haggard! XP

How I got the job:

It was quite sudden to be honest. I was sitting across my dad, three days after we got back from Egypt and I was complaining about what to do with my time when he told me about this job. Actually he got a text from his friend who was looking for an English teacher. That friend turns out to be my boss and we had my first job interview the next day. It was sudden to the point that I didnt have time to be nervous.

Because I even had time to look for proper interview shoes an hour before the interview! I settled with a rubber bright baby blue Bata flats that clashed so horribly with my outfit! My mum actually asked whether I was serious and from the look of her face, she was worried that I'm not going to get the job...because of my shoes.

The nervousness finally hit when I was waiting for my dad's friend to arrive. I also realized that I should have followed what my mum said about the shoes...I looked so...kiddy in them. (=3=) This is my first OFFICIAL job interview after all...

Thank goodness that the interview turned out to be at a Mamak restaurant! Haha!

(I later found out that other candidates had their interview at my boss's office while I had mine at some mamak. Phew!)

What I learnt:

Teaching is hard. My first day on the job went so bad...I felt like ripping my hair off! I felt like throwing the grammar books and burn all of them. I wanted to apologize to the students for my incompetence. Basically I overestimated myself and the students. To make matters worse, I actually wanted to tell my boss to just fire me. But I didnt. Because that would be stupid. And so I went home with a fake smile and a heavy heart.

I persevere.

Day 2 and onwards went surprisingly well. I learned to adapt to different classroom situations and various questions. I also learned to use the theories I've learned throughout my studies which was helpful. But what I learned most was to appreciate what I have. These students taught me to be happy. You would think that they are unhappy given to their situation but every time I asked them how they are or simply ask them to write a short essay about their life, they never cease to convince me how happy they are with their life.

And now I'm sick of people who kept on complaining that they don't have enough stuff or money (or that they're BORED!) because that's just ungratefulness on their part. :(

The best part of becoming a teacher is when you get to see their faces change when they actually understand something. BEST FEELING EVER.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pn Nora who gave me this opportunity. Not only you gave me my first job but you gave me a chance to rediscover my original passion...English. Thank you!

Besides, beating other candidates who have a Masters degree is a HUGE ego boost. ;P


The Seeker said...
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anom said...

salam safia... congratulations on your new/first job! It's enlightening kan to be able to apply what u learn to the job u r doing... It will give u a different perspective..

Anyway enjoy!!