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Yang Safia On Saturday, June 18, 2011

Note: If you haven't read the first 3 books, I suggest you skip this review. Just to be on the safe side. But if you're the type who's okay with spoilers, by all means. Although I'll try my best to spare you guys important details so I won't spoil your reading.

NO!!! That was my reaction upon completing the book. I really tried my best to take my time with this one. But it only lasted me three days. After devouring the first three books (one book per day), I know that whatever the ending is in City of Fallen Angels will crush me because I'm going to have to wait like a whole year for the next one to come out.

If you've read up until Book 3, readers would know that City of Glass would make a good conclusion to the MI trilogy and that would be the case for readers who read it when it first came out. When I read City of Glass, I know there's going to be City of Fallen Angels so it wasn't like I was preparing for the end. But just to put the word out, City of Glass would have been a good conclusion to the series.

To be honest, I'm just happy to be back with the characters in Book 4!

Book 4 opens with all the characters being absolutely in love with their respective partners. Love is in the air and life is back to normal. Almost. City of Fallen Angels (CFA) gave me the impression that the focus has shifted from Clary to Simon. He is after all a Daylighter now, trapped in a love triangle and who at this point, seemed the most restless compared to the rest. And I was entirely convinced up until 2/3 of the book that MI will focus Simon's story now and Jace and Clary are somewhat taking the backseat on this one. I was a bit sad at first.

But clearly that's not the case if you read on, of which I will let you guys see for yourself. Clare manages to tie in all the loose ends perfectly at the end and everything makes sense. I can't help but feel that CFA is a lot similar to City of Bones because both books serve as an introduction to the Big Conflict. You're given all these random (not really) daily stuff that the characters go through and you're going to be like "Okay...right. That's cool. So?" for quite a bit before everything falls into place. I really don't get like that with Book 2 and 3 because the Big Conflict is clear. So just a heads up for this one.

One of the main reasons why I love Mortal Instruments so much is because how realistic the logic for the characters are. I think Clare has crafted a well-balanced set of characters who are neither too extreme to the point of being annoying but not too realistically boring.

If you're well versed with YA books (or most novels really), I'm pretty sure you're used to the whole I-have-a-problem-but-I-don't-want-to-tell-you-because-you-might-misunderstand tactic (or even worse, it-slipped-my-mind move) that authors LOVE to use. It's like one of those moments where you're practically screaming at the book and go, "JUST TELL HER DAMN IT!" and the character will only tell after they solve the BIG CONFLICT at the end. And use that as an ending. GAHHH! Fortunately, CFA is not like this at all. In overall, MI pretty much doesnt have this problem. I've always had the fear that Jace, for example will never talk about his problems with Clary but he eventually did. And quite early into the novel too. The timing was just right.

In fact, I'm amazed how the characters are open to discussing their problems with each other. None of them tried to be the hero. I love how they work and solve the problems together, as a team.

Upon completing this book, I can't help but compare Clary and her friends to the Famous Five, if they have supernatural powers and fight demons and more badass-looking I guess.


Alec and Magnus are finally together! And they're soooooo cute! I've always loved reading about them. ALEC+MAGNUS 4 EVA for me!

Luke and Jocelyn are so cute too. That's the thing with the MI series, you will just get obsessed with the characters. They're just so lovable!

Simon+Izzy+Maia+Kyle = ??? (^__~)

Jace and Clary. The main couple. I love their relationship. Aside from the out-of-this-world problems that they have to face, their relationship is the epitome of how all relationships should be. I have so much respect for Clare for not making their relationship so...fickle and overly dramatic. I love how they talk about their problems and just be there for each other. And this respect that they have for this relationship transcends these two people because in return, Clary and Jace would take care of each other's loved ones. For instance, Jace would do anything to help Simon because he knows what a big role Simon plays in Clary's happiness. Despite their jabs at each other, which is super funny I tell you, you can really feel the respect these two guys have for each other. And this aspect comes through very clear in CFA.

And Clary as a person is very admirable. She's just strong (mentally and physically) and I love how Jace allows her to be strong. It's not like he protects her or vice versa, they just work together as a team. Clary doesn't play up to the damsel in distress role and Jace is not some heroic figure. I love this equality aspect and you just don't see it in most novels these days. Especially in YA novels.

Well, there are attempts to make couples' relationships seem equal but no one delivers it as perfect as Clare.

***An excerpt that shows how REAListic their relationship is***

He smiled, the ghost of a smile. "And I've thought the same thing. If you died, I wouldn't want to live. But I wouldn't kill myself, because whatever happens after we die, I want to be with you there. And if I killed myself, I know you'd never talk to me again. In any life. So I'd live, and I'd try to make something out of my life, until I could be with you again..."

***End excerpt***

Romantic and realistic. Sigh. :)

Right, there are so many other aspects of the novel that I would want to discuss with you. But that wouldn't be fair. Might as well I leave you to find out things for yourself and develop your own opinions on the matter. I just focus on the romance aspect because a) i'm a romantic and b) it's just so different. For once YA romance plots are not annoying.

But please don't see Mortal Instruments as a romance-driven plot because it's not. I think it's very rare for authors to strike a perfect balance between action and romance. Clare did it beautifully and I can't wait for the next book to come out.

Thank god for the Infernal Devices series. ;P That's the prequel to the Mortal Instruments and it is only in CFA that the main character from the prequel is mentioned. But alas, I need to take a break from Clare's world for awhile before I turn this blog into a shrine for MI. My obsession for MI has already gone borderline creepy so I need to stop. Sigh.

Rating: 5/5


~Kavi~ said...

best ke the series? i wanted 2 read la so i checked out wiki 1st like i always do eventually i got bored with the story line la. dah download tp tak bace lg

Yang Safia said...

very best. like i said it's different. dun get fazed by the typical plotline. i think the summary doesnt do the book justice