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Yang Safia On Thursday, December 24, 2009
It's been a LOOONG time since I've actually read a book. Other than rotating some old books and reading mangas, I was bored. Truly. The last book I really enjoyed was Twilight. And that was way back in 2007.

I made a promise to myself to stay away from paranormal romances because everyone knows they're guilty pleasures of mine but ALAS, I can't stop myself.

Thank God it's none of that vampires shit because we all know it's soo overrated now. Please. No more. (PS: Werewolves are getting overrated too)

First off, you have to admit the cover art is pretty. If I have a book published (which I'm working on right NOW), I want to have a cover as pretty as this.

I had a choice between Beautiful Creatures and Fallen but eventually I went for the latter because the synopsis at the back explains more compared to the first. And it's not that much. I'm telling you, the story is kind of vague and mysterious. I guess that's the beauty of Lauren Kate's work because in every chapter it slowly unravels and sometime, I do find myself asking what exactly I'm reading.

The narration of the story is told in a third person POV where Lauren did not let anything slip and we readers are left with wondering what's all the mystery about.

Our main character is Luce who was transferred to a reform school because she was charged of murder of the guy she likes. Arriving there, she was immediately attracted to Daniel Gregori who flipped her off on their first encounter (my fav part of the book :p).

My only problem of the book is that you might find that you've wasted almost the whole novel trying to figure out who Daniel is and why people at a reform school act so weird (what do u expect, it's a reform school). Let me save you the trouble and tell you who Daniel is; he's an ANGEL! Yep, you read me right. An angel.

My next problem with the book is; it seemed to me there are a lot of insignificant events going on in the book that left me screaming, "WHY?!" Maybe Lauren is going to explain it in her later books, I don't know but that's my problem with it.

Maybe I'm a bit clueless on whats going on because I don't know much about Christianity. Yes, there's a lot of implications on it but I somehow can make a connection because there's not much difference about Angels and Satans in Islam and Christianity. Maybe a few MAJOR points.

I found out that this is going to be a 4-books series so I cant wait to read the rest. The second book is coming out in September 2010 (which is a LOOOOOONG time from now).

The best thing I find about this book is that it really defines the whole forbidden romance thing. If you think Edward and Bella have it hard, think again. Imagine if you're immortal and the person you love keeps on dying every time you kiss them. And you have to wait for another 17 years to have her reincarnate again and repeat the process for several times. Now that is SAD.

Overall, it was a good read. Definitely a breath of fresh air.

If you're sick of vampires like me, give fallen angels a chance. Because they are HOT.