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Yang Safia On Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Given my involvement with OMSA (I'm directing the Malaysian Cultural Night again), it's the main reason why this blog hasn't been getting much love lately. In between rehearsals and studies, I just don't have the time and interesting subjects to post on the blog. I'm really sorry.

PS: To my close friends and family, y'all know the other reason why I haven't been blogging. My internet got barred. It's a lame excuse but it's real yo. :/

The annual welcome party is a long standing tradition that most cultural clubs at Otago Uni host. It's the time to mingle with the new students and establish "relationships" as they say. Now I don't know why /relationship/ got a special ("") but I'm assuming people get a long pretty well and...stuff. (^_^)

I remembered my first welcome party and immediately I got to know some really awesome people who are now one of my closest friends. So yeah, it's cool. If you happen to go to Otago Uni one day, check the Malaysian events. They're cool. Um, yeah.

Credits to Mark Adrian Chong for the pictures


The committee members had fun baking the cakes. We baked two kinds: Chocolate & Carrot Cakes. Alia and I slept at 4AM just by making the icings.

Jin Lin and Naomi (my flatmate!) manned the registration booth that day.

Look Ma! I bake!

2011's OMSA membership cards

Committee members (old+new) BBQ-ing them chickens

Gosh. I look so political. (=_=) Anyways I was giving a speech about the Malaysian Cultural Night.

Saila, one of our secretaries

Me and Yong Wah (Media Officer)

Moments before the shot. LOL.

Now that's better.