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Yang Safia On Thursday, January 3, 2013
Happy New Year everyone! It sucks that I'm kicking off 2013 with an apology but I'm sorry that this blog hasn't been loved as of late. Ever since I returned to Malaysia things have been hectic on my end. In a way it felt kind of good because my days are filled with events but on the other hand, my online life has been quite neglected. A balanced (?) life is definitely my goal this year!

One of the highlights ever since I've been back was the massive book haulin' I've had been doing as of late. Hooboy I can't wait to film the mother of all hauls with what I've got! The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is an event of legends that I can only dream of going when I was in New Zealand. I never thought I could go that it slipped my mind that it was still on when I got back!

The whole family hadn't really beaten the jetlag when my dad burst into my room at 5AM saying we should go book haulin' LIKE NOW. I was shocked, tired and sceptical. He said that his friend told him on this crazy dirt-cheap book sale that the best time to go was in the morning. It took me awhile to be convinced of the actuality of this book sale when I found myself unloading all the contents of my luggage bag and on the passenger's seat of my dad's truck.

It was freaking perfect. I was in book nerd heaven. Everything was new and cheap. It was...just too amazing. I didn't even need coffee to be awake.

If I could, I'd jizz my pants seeing my favourite genre all spread out like this:

*Cue heaven music*

We came at the perfect time. There were barely any people when we got there so it was a breezy book hunt for us. I can't wait for next year!

Our combined loot. 
I will film a massive book haul once I get my stuff+room sorted out!