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Yang Safia On Saturday, May 18, 2013
My days have been mundane lately. Nothing interesting to report aside from the fact that I love what I'm doing right now. So I'd like to share what I've been loving these past weeks which made my days a little bit more interesting!

Favourite Food:

Subway Salads: I realized that it is actually quite hard to get a salad to-go in Malaysia. And they are so expensive for something that requires so little effort in preparing it. So my usual go to is Subway! I know you salad critics would cringe at my choice but this is the most readily available salad to me. Even then, it's kind of hard for me to procure it! 

Boost Drinks: SO.GOOD! A perfect pick me up when I feel particularly stressed out or tired. I've been really into healthy smoothies or organic tonic drinks thanks to Itsjudyslife.

I know what you're thinking, why so healthy? You're in Malaysia, one of the best food hubs in the world and why are you not indulging in those foods? First off, believe me I do indulge. But since late last year, I've taken a vow to eat more healthily because honestly, I feel like my body is starting to take its toll. Every time I eat that Mee Goreng Mamak, my body started to react badly . I feel nauseous and sick. And that gets me in a bad mood. I realized that at 22 (going on 23), there is seriously something wrong with my health if my body can't even handle my favourite food anymore. Hence the decision. 

Favourite Book:

I've been on a reading binge with the Vampire Academy Series but I needed a break so I picked up a book that I'm a bit embarrassed of...

Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

I chose this international cover instead because the standard one is a bit too risqué for this blog. The writing is so bad but I have to say it is better than Fifty Shades of Grey. And what's interesting is that it is written by a man. Full review once I'm done with this book!

Favourite Anime:

Shingeki No Kyojin

So good. So bloody. So emotional. I would go as far as saying that this is probably the best anime of 2013. The plot is full of twists that by episode 5, I literally have no idea what will happen next. The characters are interesting but I suggest not to get too attached because you really can't expect who would die next.

Favourite Makeup/Skincare:

My Beauty Diary Masks

My skin has been looking dull and tired to the point that I get annoyed when my colleagues would often ask if I was okay. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and reached for this product. While my skin could have been a lot better if I take my collagen drinks every day like I used to, I simply don't have the time now. So before I go to bed every night, I would put this mask on and go to bed relaxed. The next morning, my skin is perfect and glowy that it makes putting on make up a lot easier. And best part, my colleagues stopped asking!