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Yang Safia On Thursday, February 10, 2011

This will be the last instalment of my Guide to Studying Overseas. Now that I've reached this point, I'm not sure what to write in this segment. I thought about it and figured it'll be a good idea if I make this a summarized version of the whole guide. Important tips that I can't help but emphasized throughout this guide and maybe I'll add a few new ones too.

1. Go Travelling

This seems obvious enough but I do know people who afraid to travel in the new country. There are a lot of reasons to this; anxiety, financial, etc but do grab the opportunity at hand. Travelling will help you with a variety of things: ease your anxiety, take your mind off your homesickness, you will feel more comfortable with the new country, broaden your knowledge, etc. Like I always say, an open mind is a well travelled one.

2. Do Study Smart.

The first semester is going to be hard. Don't pressure yourself (it's not like you're stupid or anything) because this is completely normal. You see, the studying tactics that they use at the new country can be different from what you're used to back home. Especially if you're fresh out of high school and decides to do your foundation studies overseas. The trick is to give yourself time to assimilate to the new system and also, learn on how they do things there. Try to go to the library and learn on the um, system they have there (I really don't know what it's called. Dewy System or something??) so that you can easily get your notes.

3. Make a LOT of friends.

My father always say that university is the best place to create a lot of network. Especially if you're studying overseas. You're bound to meet a lot of people from different racial backgrounds and countries and this will serve as a great opportunity in the future. Besides, it'll make it easier for you to travel during summer hols or after graduation! :D

Besides, your friends are now your new family so do make a lot of friends!

Although do learn to choose good ones. :)

4. Travel Light.

Man, I just can't emphasize this enough. Don't make the mistake that I did and be smart when it comes to packing. If you're a girl, suppress those urges to bring that backup dress that you think you'll need but you know you're not going to wear it but you just want to be safe in case the occasion rises. STOP IT!

5. That feeling is temporary.

Like I said in a post that I dedicated to battling homesickness; the reality is temporary. Give yourself time and the key is patience.

6. Don't leave it last minute!

I don't know why this is number six but university and visa paperwork can be hell and a lot so plan your time wisely. It is super unwise to leave it to the last minute because that's when you tend to make mistakes.

7. Flat drama is not good drama.

Be nice to your new flatmates and everything will go well. Key: Communication. If all else fails, move out or wait till your contract ends.

8. Have fun!

Seriously, can you actually believe you're studying overseas? You're doing something that most people your age can only dream of! ENJOY THE RIDE!!

Alright folks, that's the end of my Guide to Studying Overseas. I hope you find these posts helpful! :)