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Yang Safia On Friday, August 12, 2011

I think this video shows the Scarfie lifestyle at its best especially during the first few seconds. I'm not much of a Scarfie but heck yeah, I have the Scarfie pride. University of Otago FTW! For those who don't know what a Scarfie is; it is what Otago students call themselves. From what I understand, we are called Scarfies because of the thick scarfs that people back even the day used to wear due to Otago being really cold. And the students back then don't wear just any scarf, it's the Uni of Otago scarf with blue and yellow (these 2 colors are Otago Uni's official colours).

I love how this video shows all the local sights that you will see around campus. Also, I saw Strawberry Sound in the video. That is an audio company that I hired for my Mahsuri production. Awesome people with awesome service!! They just know what I want and I love their laid-back professionalism. God knows how panicky I can get when the show gets nearer and nearer.

PS: Chopsticks 101, a famous Chinese restaurant in Dunedin decided to air my Mahsuri in their restaurant! HAHA! I'm so honoured! XD


ppb3k said...

Congrats! See ... you really a somebody not just anybody. :)