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Yang Safia On Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Last Sunday I went sea kayaking (or more like just kayaking) for the first time ever! I was reluctant at first when I found out I had to kayak for about 3km just to see a bunch of beautiful scenery. I was very tired from my hectic weekdays that I just needed this Sunday to get some extra sleep but NO. I had to do something productive seeing it is my final year. And so a bunch of my friends and I got together and we WENT WENT WENT! haha. see what I did there?

 From my camera phone:

(I didn't bother to bring my camera because my friend warned me that there was a high chance that I would capsize and to risk my camera? No way.)

We were really lucky. It was such a nice day for kayaking despite it being winter. The sun was out and the sea was so blue and crystal clear!

From my friend's camera:

Posey-posey before kayaking! I swear I had like 3 layers of clothing and when I had to put on the life jacket and that black flappy thing, I felt like an onion. Because like Shrek says, "Layers! Ogres have layers!" Not that I'm saying I'm an ogre because....that wouldn't be right.

I'm famous for my motion sickness. I just can't be on anything that moves without getting sick. Now, I didn't know sea-kayaking is one of them. I had to keep on rowing because if I stopped, I would feel like barfing. It did not help that my kayak partner was seasick too!!!

 A bunch of penguins and those small lumps are their nests. I feel kinda geram looking at them! Haha!

 That white stuff is salt.

 When I get tired, I just let it all hang. Honestly, I was really tired and nauseous.

 Sesat picture of me and Alia. Should put it at the start of the post but whatever. =_=

We were both VERRRY tired at this point. Just look at Alia's face. Our big mistake was that we didn't have proper breakfast and practically just jumped into it.

I'm telling you. The situation was not all sparkly and happy. One of the rare moments that you'd see Alia nauseous in the picture. Because in other pictures, we were too busy posing.

 Those green stuff floating are seaweeds. REALLY BIG ONES! I geram looking at them too and kept playing with them. :P

The water is so clear that you can really see the sea floor. It is literally like a field of grass down there, only underwater.

 Not just seals but I got to see Albatrosses up close too. They look like birds from the Prehistoric times. They really look like dinosaurs and they're really big too! Their wings are so big that they made whooshing sounds as they flew above us.

Got gaya or not? I'm telling you. New Zealand really changed me. I'm not much of a nature girl to begin with but that's what this country has done to me.

Also who knew I have the skills for kayaking!! I was so surprised at how good I am at manoeuvring the thing. I guess if you continuously put yourself out there, you'll be surprised at what you're really capable of!! Cheers to that!

PS: I'm at the last leg of my assignments round this week! I'm working on my last essay right now and it is tough! I'll just have to stick with it to the end!! Wish me luck!

PSS: Also it's two weeks till finals! YIKES!