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Yang Safia On Sunday, June 21, 2009
You've prolly been wondering what happened to me for the past couple of days/weeks (I lost track. It might not even be a week for all I know. >_>)

Well, my daily activities have resumed just like post-SPM although with less vigor. Yes, I've become lazier~

Also, I've become more like a hermit since I lock myself all DAY in my room. Doing what you ask?

I'm about to tell you what I do that not even the people in my house know.

a) I'm addicted to watching this show: WE GOT MARRIED!

It's a korean reality show where they have celebrities signed a marriage contract and live a mock married life. Some will fight and some fell in love. It is soo much better than whats on the news today and it makes me laugh~!

b) I'm playing The Sims 2 on my laptop secretly (ABAH IF YOU'RE READING THIS, DUN TELL THE REST OF THE SIBLINGS!!!). I even made couples for my friends and since I'm a pretty good Sim-maker, I have myself married to Edward Cullen (we have a baby named Serena!!), Shaza to Kim Sang Bum-if you watch Boys Before Flowers, he's the guy who played Yi-Jung- (they got a baby girl oso name Kim Seon Hee) and Shira insisted that she wanted to marry Zac Efron (shocker I know) and recently they got a baby boy named Caius. So after this I'm plannin to marry all of our children. :)

I know I'm weird but thats what makes you love me~

So yeah, imagine I'm doing this everyday for 6 months or less.

And I also need to get myself on the treadmill so... >_>

Peace out.