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Yang Safia On Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Hey guys! I hope things are well on your end because this blog is back alive!! Well, if you've been following my Studying Overseas Guide, I'm sorry that I haven't been updating it. I figured this post can serve as a break from the guide and provide you guys with a little update of my life.

My best friends and I have been planning this roadtrip the whole year, way before I went to New Zealand. So now that I'm back for the summer, around 2 weeks ago we made our way down to Melaka for a roadtrip!

I took a lot of videos but for now, you guys just have to settle with the pictures.

FUN is an understatement!


Welcome to Melaka!

For the first night, we stayed at the Baba House on Jalan Tan Cheng Lock. It was very nice to our surprise because we considered it to be one of those low budget hotels. After checking in, we decided to walk around Jonker Walk and take more videos and pictures!

For most melaccans, I am sure they have heard of Jonker 88. We were lucky to even get a seat and eat the food because when we were in the car looking for our hotel, the line to get inside this small shop was sooooo long to the point it was reached the streets.

Shira @ Jonker 88 Cafe.

My RM2 Melaka ABC (Ais Batu Campur)

Shaza's delicious seafood laksa. Trust me it was heavenly because I don't even like laksa!

After that we walked some more and found this round windows(?) and camwhored....naturally.

That night we decided to try some local Portugese cuisine and we found one bistro near our hotel. The food was alright but I'm so in love with the ambiance. It's quiet but so...vibrant.

We walked around some more, just to see what's the nightlife like until we stumbled upon this really really nice bistro called 1973 (i think). It has a really nice ambiance, very chillaxin with a live band that we missed but the food was great. And a lot cheaper than the place we went earlier. OH well, there's always a next time. :)

Shira and Shaza

That night we decided to do facials and go to bed. We thought we went to bed early but it was around 2AM when we actually sleep.

The next day we went to look for cafe I've been dying to visit called the Dutch Harbor Cafe because I just love the food and ambiance. Much to my disappointment though, the food wasn't as good as I'm used to and the service was just bad. It was a lot better when I came there with my family a year earlier.

Later we went to Mahkota Parade to shop (where do you expect us shopaholics to end up anyway?) and spent like an hour in Kitschen. After that we rushed to make it to our check in at Semabuk Inn.

Few hours later, we find ourselves at the beach!

Shira being all dramatic with umm...Bruno Mars?
I sell laptops. Wan one?

That night we went to Umbai to eat seafood. Let's just say we pigged out and it's best shown on video. (=_=)

The next day was our trip back to Shah Alam. Nothing much happened because we were just too caught up with packing and heading home.

Group Shot in front of Shaza&Sara's house