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Yang Safia On Saturday, January 15, 2011
It's starting to become a routine for us three to go jogging/walking/breeze-walking/striding/crawling every Saturday just to get our sweat on. Seeing that Shaza is now dating a footballer, a healthfreak at that, and I am sort of in love with an active guy and Shira loves buff girls need to step up yo.

We took a couple of pictures of me trying out this sit up thingy device that we have at the park and turned out it made me look like a BIG WHALE. I LOOK LIKE A FREAKING WHALE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! I didn't know I look so FAT lying flat on my back. (O__O);;

Oh, this is depressing. SO depressing that I don't even plan to put it up on my blog because a) my constantly depleting pride will go out of the window and b) my mom would be too embarrassed to call me her daughter. And I just ate a slice of Chocolate Indulgence for dinner, thank you.

Shut up, it was for my brother's birthday ok.

Instead I decided to put up a picture of Shira on the monkey bar. With the help of Shaza of course.

Ugh, I need to lose weight. Seriously, this would look hotter if I'm back to my figure in 2008/09. 2011's Goal: Be a size 12 by the end of the year!

Shaza, the skinny minah (girl) who lost so much weight during the last Ramadhan.

My attempt to fly without wings on the beam balance. Oh look at the fats!
(At least I'm honest about being fat unlike those people who are obviously skinny and kept calling themselves fat. Don't you just hate people like that? Seriously I would smash their heads just to get them appreciate their bodies. My sister is one of them. Yes, Aya YOU!)

Shira trying to pole dance. I think she needs more practice la. (=_=)

SO yeah, us girls are going to have a ladies evening tea get-together at Shaza's house tomorrow. *pats tummy*