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Yang Safia On Saturday, August 8, 2009
On a Saturday I cant remember, all of my girlfriends (those who can make it la) planned an outing so that we all can spend a day with Kavitha before she fly off to Bandung. Like me, she's going overseas except she can frequently go back (as the airfare is soooo cheap compared to mine) and things are easier as you can shop like hell (Bandung being a shopping heaven around this region) and cheaper. We also get to meet the much acclaimed boyfriend of hers, Prem. Nice guy coz we all got jealous~! haha

Location: Sunway Pyramid


**This is Kahoe, the guy from Talentime. Yeah, I have a crush on him so sue meh. No wait, before you do. Let me put a disclaimer first. I do not OWN this picture.

Btw, I'd like to take credit for most of the pictures up there. Yes, I took them. With Kavi's camera but thats beside the point.

Random Attack!

It frustrates me to no end when I found out some kid who is younger than me can finish writing a whole goddamn book whereas I, cant barely pass chapter 3. I dont know how they do it.

Now listen to my excuse.

I cant work without a legit deadline.