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Yang Safia On Thursday, August 20, 2009
I've just realized how old we are (refrence: my siblings and i). I think baru je the other day we ran around the house, banging on stuff and making noise.

Oh wait, we still do. :)

I mean, OMG anak-anak En Mior Azli and Pn Salmah are soooooooooooo old.

let's review.

Me - 19
Soraya- 17
Sabrina- 16
Adam- 13

And it doesn't help the fact that we all are so tall and every time we go out, we're like these tall trees that walk together. And in the middle, if you're lucky'll see this short woman standing amidst all these tall trees.

Haha, yeah that's my mom.

If you're wondering where's my dad...well, dia selalu jalan laju so you can expect to see him waaaaaay up front.

I'd like to say that we're a pretty serious family. I mean, it's rare for outsiders to see us joke around and just act like fools. We rarely smile also so yeah...add more to the seriousness factor.

But back to my siblings and how old we are...we can be pretty loud. I pity my parents sometimes because having giant teenagers running around the house and starting body slamming each other must be hard work. Most of the time, my parents just let us be.

TRIVIA about the Yang sisters and our brother, Adam.

1) Ina loves to cry like a baby at random. And she does it juz to annoy the shit out of us. (my parents find it cute tho *gagpukegag*)

2) Adam and Ina have this language they talk to each other. I dunno it coz it doesnt make sense to me.

3)Adam and Aya DONT get along. (BIG MISTAKE: put them next to each other in the car,etc)

4)My dad calls Ina, "Yinna!" konon cute la tu

5) Aya and I have fought over a guy before. (happened a few days ago actually. nak citer jugak ke? >_<)

6) Adam can give all his sisters piggy-back rides now (even me!).

7) Everytime we go out (just the four of us), it is expected that Aya sits at the front.

8) Adam can be such a gentleman. If us four keluar shopping, he won't let us pegang barang and even pushes the trolley for us. Also he always walks behind us so that none of us "hilang".

9) Aya is uncool. That is fact.

10) Us sisters do gossip apparently!

11) All my sibs come to me if they have any social issues/probs/dilemmas. Coz I'm cool.

12) Our own friends clearly reflects what kind of person we are as individuals.

13) I'm the only one in my siblings who can't count.

14) I'm also the only one in my siblings who doesn't have any biology-related knowledge.

15) Aya tutors me math.

16) Aya is vain.

17) Ina is the only one among the sisters who you might call, domestic.

18) Adam annoys the hell out of me.

19) There are no jealousy within our siblings.

20) I'm happy that my siblings are smarter than me

21) I cuss like a sailor

22) Aya doesn't curse

23) Ina is the only one who doesnt own a cell phone

Ah, there's a lot more to list but I'm tired lah. Till then, ciao!!

SuJu ROCKS!!! ^___^


anom said...

hahaha.. Safia -- this is really cute.. It's good to have this trivia so that boleh la we all kat luar ni paham sikit about u and ur siblings.. But seriously, you all semua kat luar memang serius la..

Maybe kena sembang lama sikit kot and duduk jauh2 sikit from ur parents -- baru citer semua boleh kuar-- hahahaha *evil laugh* Wan Anom

Yangness said...

it's jz that we're so used to be with our friends rather than with our relatives, it gets a bit awkward.