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Yang Safia On Thursday, August 19, 2010
Ooooh, look at me spoiling the blog! Updating everyday now? Ooooh~! Well the reasons are quite obvious; it's either I'm bored out of my mind and I don't have any work to do OR I'm suffering from post-election depression and I'm procrastinating from studying for my Linguistics midterms next week.


The latter?

Smart reader.

Anyways, been meaning to update this blog with the events in my life so far and I just have to tell you guys about my night out with my friends. As you know, we just love to eat. So a week before Ramadhan we decided to go out and have dinner together and just catch up. At the time it had been awhile since we've seen each other due to studies. My usual gang usually comprises of Jie Ning, Tim, me and our latest addition, Adeline. Figured I should give them a formal introduction to the public and all because they deserve it! They're awesome like that! :D

We all agreed to meet at this new Korean/Japanese restaurant that just opened called Hanami and according to Yejung, it has the ambiance of a typical Uni bar in Korea. OMG, obviously I have to check it out! And I must say, I'm impressed. I love the vibe, very cosy and chill.

Ok lah, piccie time!

Memang sah kawan Yang Safia....

....asyik bergossip. :(

While Adeline was busy filling in the Pak Cik and Mak Cik with her latest drama, I got bored so camwhore la. Damn camera, it made me look tired. Well, I was since it has been a long day but dont want la look so tired.

Appetizer before the main course.

Ms Bock who looked so hot that night (thanks to me!) because she had a date that night, thus ditching us three after dinner. :(

The lovely, Jie Chi!

We ordered seafood steamboat and its very different from the usual steamboats we have in Malaysia. This one is very Korean and I must say, it was soooooo GOOD! (It had ddokbokki (Korean rice cakes) and kimchi!)

A dinner later, Adeline soon left for her date while Jie Ning sent her sister to the library while Tim and I waited for her to come back. Tim proudly showed off his newly-bought Spongebob Squarepants toaster (that's what you get when you've moved out of the house, you get excited over kitchenware and furniture) and I had to tinkle (why am I telling you this?!) a couple times before Jie ning gets back. Jie Ning came back and we spent the next hour having our usual trivial conversations before deciding that we should get dessert.

Hanami proved to lack on the dessert department and so, Jie Ning suggested we go check out Bennu. Actually she suggested a couple of places but they proved to be either too far, or too tak sedap or whatever lah. And apparently, I needed to tinkle again. =_=

We drove around town (God bless Automobiles! or friends that have automobiles! wah wah, so retro) quite awhile, looking for a parking because it was a Friday night and it's the time to partay for the Dunny kids. Eventually found one on George St but we had to walk all the way to the Octagon just to get to Bessou. It's ok lah, it's not like Malaysia. You actually don't mind walking (even if it involves a hill) here.

I must say, I love Bennu. Yes, it looks fancy and there were a lot of old people but it seems safe. I actually don't like going to restaurants that have a lot of young people because it always tend to become rowdy and they just don't behave. Tsk tsk. Ish, I sound like an old lady. Hahaha!

Before I start rambling on, the desserts are to DIE for. They cost a bit (but hey, everything is costly here! but you have to live once in awhile) like $10 a pop but it's really really good. And you have to give props for presentation. Arghh, I'm salivating now.

My warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream on top, surrounded with passion fruit sauce

All of us ordered one of each from the dessert menu (apparently they serve three desserts at a time and they always change their dessert menu) so we swap them around and share. OMG, soooo GOOD!! *looks at my perut and sighs*

After that we left and sang as we walked down towards George St. They say if you act drunk, the drunkards will leave you alone. Apparently drunk people don't bug other drunk people. All in all, we had fun and it was nice catching up with the gang. :)