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Yang Safia On Sunday, August 15, 2010
Last Thursday, I went to my first play directed by Otago students. Specifically the med students here in Otago University. Every year the science faculties especially Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy will host a night dedicated to performances that their own students directed. This year's play is called Disease, a parody of Grease but laden with medical and their faculty's jokes.

I was there that night with Adeline to show support for our good friend, Tim who was in it as Doody. One of the boys in T-Cells. Basically I had a blast and any initial worries about not getting the jokes was dispelled by the actors' performance. Yes, the jokes can be raunchy and I doubt Malaysia would approve any of them but it was nice to see what their sense of humor is like. I laughed to most of them and I don't find it insulting (not that much) so it was worth my $10. It felt good not being involved with the background work and just be the audience for once. :)

The highlight would be seeing Tim embarrassing himself (props to the guy for having guts!) and the live band. I love those guys! Who knew med students can be so creative? They changed the lyrics of current songs like Lady Gaga's Telephone and One Republic's Apologize with med jokes.

At the end of the night, I came up with a conclusion: Med students make Arts students feel like shit. Not only they have the brains (and a loaded future), they're freaking creative too. Now somebody tell me what's left for Arts students? Haha.

I managed to capture the footage of the band and the first act of the play.

PS: You're now looking at OMSA's vice president! Next year is going to be fun! :)