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Yang Safia On Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Ok. I was really surprised when my friend told me that the Otago University Magazine wrote an article on me. My first reaction was, "OMG Critic (Otago's Student Magazine) wrote an article on me?!"

And she was like, "No. Otago University Magazine!"

And I was like, "Whaa..what magazine is that?"

Well apparently it's the posher kind la. The one that no one reads...except old alumni of the Otago Uni. :P

So yeah...amazing day today. I found out that my name is in print so that's awesomesauce. The article is about how I received this award from the University last year which I did but I didn't bother to tell people la. I mean, chill bro. D: But nowwww...this is something to brag about la. I'M IN PRINT!

Here's the article. I've got the PDF version of the magazine which if you're interested to see the article in full colour...go here. Go to page 45. If it's a hassle, here's the copied version from the magazine:

The University of Otago
Foundation for Malaysia
The University of Otago Foundation
for Malaysia continues to work to support
alumni in Malaysia, as well as Malaysian
students currently enrolled at Otago.
At the 2011 AGM held in Ipoh
in June, foundation members voted
unanimously to continue funding for
the student award set up in 2009. This
year’s recipient is second-year student
Yang Safia Binti Mior Azli who is
majoring in English and TESOL. She
has made an outstanding contribution
to the Malaysian student community
as a member of the Malaysian Students’
Association. The University of Otago is
very grateful for the generous donation
from the foundation that makes this prize possible.

And so, in order to undercut this "bragging" post. I'll end it with this.


ppb3k said...

Bravo! :)

WizardNox159 said...

Hello, I've been your silent reader all this while.
I guess that now is the opportunity to finally say Hi and yes, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D

Yang Safia said...

Oh hi! Thank you for dropping a comment! :D