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Yang Safia On Saturday, April 17, 2010
Magnificent. That's all I can say. I can't believe I directed this. :)

And without further ado, here are the pictures of 3 Abdul, The Musical.

Pictures from Munir and Eryanie.

Minutes before the performance, backstage:

The lighting and audio crew who stayed with me throughout the whole show:

Tim, singing Bunyi Gitar:

Introduction of Cast and Crew:

Producers: Adeline and Naomi (The ones who gave me the chance and believe in me despite being "just a first-year")

Cleaning up:

I cried happy tears because they performed so well, especially the actors. They went beyond my expectations and it seemed that losing my voice twice was worth it! Thank you for giving me the chance of screaming at your faces, three times a week. (^__~)

Songs in the musical:

-Bunyi Gitar
-Dimana Ku Cari Ganti
-Bila Larut Malam
-Aci Buka Pintu
-Apek dan Marjina
-Maafkan Kami
-Madu Tiga

**I am deeply honored because Peter Chin, Mayor of Dunedin decided to watch my musical and apparently, my musical will be featured in Otago Daily Times.**

Thank you All~!


anom said...

Kakak, it looked like it was a huge success -- Congratulations and Well done!!!

Takde ke recorded version.. teringin gak nak tengok, snippets pun jadila..hehehe..

ayesha said...

Atta giiirl!!!
Bangga ah :D

Ps: you danced your way through NZ lah you.

Yang Safia said...

wan anom: safia pon x dpt tgk lagi kot. u can check out the commitee video on fb but the actual drama, i will try to get my hands on it. apparently nanti ada screening n all of the crew will watch it together! :D

ecah: well, on the drama part: next yasmin ahmad plak! n bout the nz thing, well i gotta do wat i gotta do dinda, i have to survive lor