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Yang Safia On Sunday, June 10, 2012
This trip is long overdue but a week after our Easter break, Alia and I visited Wellington to see Jie Ning. Seeing that Nings no longer live in Dunedin and now working in Wellington, we figured to see her. God knows how much Dunedin has changed after she left. I'm particularly close to Nings so as a good best friend, I need to make this long distance friendship work! ;)

Funny story about how we got to Wellington. Our flight was really early, I think around 6AM so we promised ourselves to sleep really early because the shuttle will pick us up at 4.30AM. 

Sleeping early was just not possible for us. Around 11PM, we were all very hungry (including our friends Zaini and Mahdi) so the guys picked me up and we all went to have supper at Alia's flat. That alone took two hours of eating and later somebody had a brilliant idea (it was Alia) that we shouldn't sleep and let's watch a horror movie instead. Which we did. After the movie I went home and straightaway got ready for my flight. (=__=)

It was really bad idea. 

So at 8AM, Alia and I found ourselves at Victoria University lost like lambs. We were tired and hungry. But not surprisingly cranky. I was feeling quite high from the adrenaline. 

Okay back to story, we were lost. We didn't know how to get to the city centre from the Uni because from the looks of it, it was quite far. Heck, we didn't even know how to get OUT of the Uni. And to make matters worse, Wellington is really hilly so we ended going up and down the hill.

On top of being lost, the two of us needed to umm...pee. And we couldn't even find the toilet. Until we came across this workshop with engineering students working on their projects. One of the instructors was really nice to show us the way out of the Uni.

Victoria Uni's Library (Otago's nicer ;P)

There's a cemetery in the middle of the Uni. Which is really weird. Apparently it's the rest place for the famous scholars of the Uni.

I realized Victoria Uni has a lot of these small walkways that seemed to lead to somewhere la. I don't know but it seemed very cool and mysterious.

So we finally got ourselves out of the Uni and walked our way to the City Centre. I know not many foreigners know this but Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Not Auckland. The city is a lot smaller compared to Auckland but it's really compact.

The two of us were so......tired. And we were walking through the city, dragging our luggages.

Public Toilets!!

We got really lost at this point. And we were soooooooooooooo hungry. And cranky. Alia and I have started making mean jabs at each other at this point because we were lost, cold and tired. After walking around for about an hour, we found a Subway and ate. Seriously at that point we nearly died. 

Then later we met up with Ikmal who was really kind to show us around while we wait for Nings to finish work. Nings doesn't live at the City, she lives at Lower Hutt. That difference is like Subang Jaya and Shah Alam so we had to take the train. So in the meantime, Ikmal layan us la.

I've been to Unity Books before during my first trip to Welly. I LOVE LOVE Unity Books. It's like the hipster version of MPH or Whitcoulls. It's!

Eating sushi and takoyaki on the bench while people watching!

Then we visited this really awesome shop that specializes in tea. They have ALL kinds of tea! You can choose what type of team you want and they make it for you. The tea is seriously amazing. They charge $2.40 per cup. I don't really know how to describe the tea but it's just a nice balance of tea, milk and hot water. Add cold weather to the mix...heaven!

You can even buy the tea and make it at home!

I chose Vanilla Valet.

Alia went crazy when she saw Typo. We don't have Typo in Dunedin so it was really cool la. Typo is an Australian stationary shop. Their stuff is really cool and the shop is always full.

Then we went to the most famous street in Wellington. Cuba Street. It's the hipster scene la. This is the street where Nings, Tim and I did our jalan-jalan cari makan (food tour) during my first trip to Welly.

Ikmal later brought us to eiss kream. A gelato shop.

See my eyes? Not sleeping was a VERY bad idea.

Alia was really tired. You can just tell.

Then later Nings finished wokr and we had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant. The food was gooood. The picture below was during our way back to Nings house. My scoliosis was acting up at this point and Nings was baik la to pull my bag for me.

Train Station!

Finally at Ning's house and was about to take a shower when I noticed this. Since she knew Alia and I were coming she prepared this! If you're Malaysian you will get this! Haha!

The next day. Nings left for work and Alia and I prepared to meet up with Ikmal at the city. We walked around Ning's neighbourhood and I saw the smallest library I've encountered in my life. This is what I love about NZ sometimes. No matter where you go, no matter how small the town is...a library is as important as the bank or supermarket.

In the train!

Back at the city!

Victoria's Law School is right next to the train station.

We met up with Ikmal in front of the Uni and he took us on a tour!

I'll just drop my opinion now. As biased as this sounds, I made a great decision to come to Otago Uni!

At the entrance of the library. I was quite surprise how small it is.

Right I'll stop here. Part 2 will be up soon!


WizardNox159 said...


Overseas' bookstores are so amazing.
Unlike here in Malaysia. -___-.

Hope you had a great time! :D