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Yang Safia On Saturday, July 10, 2010
First off, I can't believe I've been gone for a week!

Two Fridays ago, I made my way to Auckland for the annual Bersatu Games. Auckland is this year's host and I was really excited to visit one of the major cities in New Zealand and meet our Auckland OMSA counterparts. To put in brief, I enjoyed the trip so much that it surprised me. I guess that is expected when you find unexpected company to provide so much fun. I was very surprised indeed. :D

The trip to Auckland was murder though. The Otago Team got on a bus and rode all the way to Christchurch for 6 hours (not fun when you suffer from motion sickness) and arrived around 8pm-something only to catch a flight to Auckland within the same night. We arrived in Auckland at our backpackers hotel called Nomad around 12am. It sucked real bad when you barely had food in your tummy and you didnt get to eat a proper meal until the next day's lunch time. I can't believe I did this to myself. :(

I got a few shots during the only stop the bus made on the way to Christchurch. Everybody, meet the town, Oamaru.

The town's square. And yes people, this is pretty much it. During my whole trip, I've just started to realize how small the towns in New Zealand are. And I came to realize that Auckland is not that big of a city. I had a few moments where I said to myself, "Safia, what the hell are you doing in New Zealand? I can't believe you leave Malaysia for this." Haha!

Day 1 of Bersatu Games.

Our hosts took us to the first location of the BG. I got a couple shots of the inside of ASB Stadium. Mind you, it was really really cold.

Otago Team. There was only 12 of us while other unis had like a whole bus of supporters and players. For us, we are our own players and supporters. Sad, I know. :P

I feel sad looking at this picture. All of us were so pale because we didn't eat anything since the night before.

UMNO Auckland VS WMSO (Wellington)

Doa before the game. Team Otago's first basketball match.

I've got some footage of the games but I'll be putting it in Part 2 so anticipate that! I was terribly ravenous and cranky on the first day and luckily Miriam and Amy couldn't stand to stay at the stadium for the whole day because I would seriously kill one of those UMNO's supporters. The three of us went out to find the rumoured New World nearby and when we did, we shopped for some food supplies so that we didn't have to resort to killing each other to survive hunger. (Dramatic, I know.) After shopping, I was really tired and smelly (I didn't shower that morning.) and hungry but we couldn't seem to catch a bus. I suggested we get a cab despite it being so expensive and the option to walk back to our hotel was dropped since it's going to be a 2-hour walk. (And carrying all my groceries?! No way.) Amy volunteered to look for a cab at Eastridge while Miriam and I waited at the bus stop.

See, I'm nice lah. Even though I'm on the brink of starvation and killing rampage, I managed to crack at smile for a pic. Hehe.

Rejoice! Amy found us a cab and the total cost was $15! After splitting the bill, it only comes down to $5 per person, which is the price we have to pay if we catch a bus.

Some shots from the cab.

Cruising down the Auckland Harbor Bridge. A sight of Auckland.

Our room at the backpackers. This one is before it looked like rumah pelarian. :)

That night, Rique, UMSA's president took us for a night out to town and we had dinner at Saffron, a halal Indian restaurant. Saffron is one of UMSA's sponsors.

My curry lamb mutton with rice. I asked for the HOTTEST but it was still sweet for me. :(
My mango lassi.
Then we walked down Auckland's redlight district. So fun! Haha. Not as intense as Bukit Bintang in my opinion but it was something alright. I've never seen a real strip club before and I was so amazed that these shops and clubs are so out in the open.

Series of sex shops

Karangahape Road aka K-road

Quite ironic if you ask me. A gay bar that is called Family Bar.

Another gay bar

The architecture in Auckland is pretty cool

Rique and Adeline were too chicken to go visit the cemetery. Ok, it was scary at night. But the architecture is so cool lah!

We found something that is totally bizarre. People party in a bus that takes you around Auckland. And when you get drunk, it drops you off at your place. Huh, convenient. LOL

Adeline and I at the Auckland Uni's clocktower.

An art museum that has some pretty cool Art books

Auckland square(?) Well, that's what I call it.

My new favorite gelato shop, Giapo!

Inside of the theatre

At the Sky tower!

The next day, I got the chance to walk around as I wait for Adeline who went to church. Again, cool architecture around the central city

Fort St is the street where Nomads is located at.

Got a bit of drama la that day. That's Adeline termenung as we wait for the bus. It was soo cold, in the middle of winter and it was raining. :(

The bersatu games ended with a closing dinner where the pics will be up in the second part. After that, we took a flight to Christchurch and spent one night there. It was cool that I get to explore Christchurch as much as I can in just a couple of hours. Well, I got back at around 2AM from exploring but it was fun. Very quiet though and we had a great tour guide, Chi Mei. We drank coffee at this cafe called, Le Cafe and very nice ambiance la. They had little candles and all.

See you at Part 2 of the trip with live footage of the trip and the games!!

PS: I MADE MY FIRST TV DEBUT ON TVNZ ON A SHOW CALLED ASIANS DOWN UNDER! HAHA. Will be having a party at my friend's place as we watch the show together. Probably I'll record it la. :D